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The Private Collections and our partners use the most innovative machines and outstanding craftsmanship for your projects. Machine and metier come to a powerful synergy.
Our production is not serial, each project is unique. This unique character results in the fact that high demands are placed on our flexible machines that can handle extraordinary processings. Each year our workshops are upgraded. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machines and progressive techniques, we continuously deliver top quality. Custom-made means manual work and craft are involved. Craft takes over where the machines reach their limits. Some processings requires craftsmanship that is guaranteed by the knowledge and skills of our craftsmen. That is why The Private Collections is proud that this precious knowledge is transmitted in our workshops in Europe. Young enthusiast craftsmen inherit the love of materials and the sense of detail from the anciens. Transmitting artisan traditions over several generations guarantees the highly sought after quality that we has delivered for more than half a century already.