We are proud to represent McCormick unique line of products, available at our Showroom The Private Collections.


Mila Pendant was realized through the marriage of hand-blown artisan glass combined with the soft geometry of metal bent form. Timeless and elegant, the glow of Mila’s pearl-like spheres hang in beautiful harmony within nests of precious metal. Mila is defined by McCormick’s signature graphic language.

Available in a number of sizes and configurations, finished in brushed copper, brushed brass and powder coat black metal frames. The Private Collections showroom exhibit two lamps in a rounded canopy. Custom finishes available upon request.


The Cascadia pendant takes its name from the Canadian Cascades’ white-capped mountain range and organic flow of waterways. The distinctive slender shape and soft gradation of the Opaline glow from the hand-blown LED glass tubing hides the technical precision through an aesthetic of simplicity and a pureness in design. Whether hanging over a kitchen island, over a dining table, in a foyer or stairwell, Cascadia translates into a look that is both contemporary and timeless.

Available with a Brushed Brass or Brushed Blackened Brass finish. Custom finishes available upon request.


Originally conceived as a graphical interpretation of effervescence, The modular system allows for Halo pendants to be suspended in a multitude of compositions with a mix of different diameter dimmable LED bulbs, from individual pendant to multi pendant, in 8, 12 or 16 inch diameters and a number of configurations Machined and hand-finished to perfection in brushed brass casing, A selection of custom finishes are available, on request. The Private Collections showroom display HALO 5 in a rectangular canopy.


Dodeca, a nod to the Greek word for 12, is a contemporary chandelier forged with facets that interact with a soft glow from the inner crown. Using high density, high output LEDs, it is a fixture known for coming to life when turned on and an equally striking sculpture at rest. Dodeca is available in diameters of 28, 36 or 46 inches and finished in brushed brass, brushed copper, painted white or painted black. Custom lengts & finishes available upon request.


Similar to the exquisite intricacy of delicate jewerly, The Dawn Pendant features an organic shape with a hand-polished finish and custom hand-blown glass tubes. Composed of modular parts, the articulation of this system allows Dawn to be configured in countless positions. Dawn’s hand-created glass LED tubing exudes a perfectly soft, gradation of light, elevating any space with its ambient illumination.

Available with a Brushed Brass finish. Custom lengths available. Includes a low voltage dimmable power supply. The Private Collections exhibit a beautiful DAWN 12


Distilled to its purest form, Line Lights are hand-finished to a fine plainness. Showcasing the wood’s natural grain with a thoughtful consideration to proportion, Line Lights feel at home as both a standalone pendant or arranged into a number of striking compositions.

Line Lights are availble in 40 or 60 inch lengths and can be finshed in Walnut, Ash or Black Ash.