Christophe Delcourt and Jérôme Aumont joined talents to create an exclusive furniture line for The Private Collections. Born with the great love of objects by Jérôme Aumont, each piece from Collection Particulière cannot be reduced to its function, it tells a story. It is created like an artwork, exhibited in a museum or in an exhibition. In nature, it resembles the materials of which it is made: wood, marble, leather, brass and ceramic. It ages with elegance and with a subtle patina.

Collection Particulière exists to bring meaning to daily life objects, such as a fruit bowl, candle holder or stool. Founded in 2014 by Jérôme Aumont, Collection Particulière believes that objects can act as an ambassador of home decor and become the real signature of a room. Using bold materials such as marble, brass, leather. porcelain and ceramics to create elegant pieces of furniture, lighting and home accessories.